It is the goal of (our non-profit organization) to provide the structure and resources needed to provide safe, sustainable, and effective community care through integrative healing modalities including but not limited to: naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, health coaching, and herbal medicine.

We envision our role as facilitating the creation of systems and ensuring oversight needed to provide these services both in:

1.     Acute emergency situations such as natural disaster, mass environmental exposure, or other community-wide emergencies

2.     Continued access to long term care in these same communities after the acute period of emergency

3.     Access to care by all members of a community with or without resources


To accomplish this, we will create bridges between organizations responsible for community outreach and emergency response, as well as procuring funding needed to support integrative healing systems in the community, creating systems for deploying these practitioners, providing applicable training to practitioners, ensuring outreach to members of the community that typically have constraints on access to care, and providing oversight of these systems in daily management.


It is our vision that all people have access to integrative healing modalities in any time of need.



Our mission is to provide acute and long-term care to communities impacted by emergency situations by providing integrative healing modalities through systems that bridge medicines and organizations.