Please note the the notation of OPEN or CLOSED below is in regards to the need for practitioners to volunteer, and not in regards to the facility in general.

Bodega Grange- CLOSED

Location: 1370 Bodega Ave, Bodega Bay


**this space is only available for people offering body work. No other volunteers are needed or wanted at this time**

Contact: Lauren Arrow - 832-266-8566

It's a rootsy renegade hub for folks camped at the coast (~800) to come and stock on supplies, clothes and food. Many folks are Spanish speaking and undocumented. It is not a Red Cross site.

What they need out there ::

  • 3 body workers/day
  • 2 to be at the Grange and 1 at the main beach site (you would show up to the grange and be sent from there)
  • Any time 9am-6pm
  • Bring your own table
  • Ask for Denise when you get there. She is the "head bitch." (Her self given title) She's got a heart made of magic and needs to be on a table.
  • The crew there have been working non stop since this whole situation began and could use a few pairs of loving hands.
  • Also, the fresh air at bodega is delightful. Your lungs will thank you.

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