Please note the the notation of OPEN or CLOSED below is in regards to the need for practitioners to volunteer, and not in regards to the facility in general.

Santa Rosa Fairgrounds- OPEN

Location: Behind Grace Pavillion in the Courtyard, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa
Hours 9:00am - 7:30pm

Please be aware that this is now outside, so it is best to provide care during warm hours.

Massage, energy healers, sound healers only. Doctoring of any kind (Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopaths, Osteopaths) can no longer operate here. Homemade herbal tea can no longer be served, but packets are fine. If you are bringing your modality to share at this site, you must sign-in with the Red Cross when you enter the Grace Pavilion and let them know that you are only doing massage or some other energy modality. Integrative Healing Clinic located at towards back left-hand side of Grace Pavilion. Acupuncturists and chiropractors can find pop-up areas around the parking lot to serve the firefighters.

Coordinator contact information: 

Jenny Harrow (415) 254-4405 off site
Jen Riegle (253) 376-6604 off site

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Santa Rosa Armory- CLOSED

**This site serves search and rescue and requires a licensed or certificated practitioners only

This site is now preferring needle-less treatments because of liability. Licensed MTs, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists may come to do bodywork or ear treatments without needles.

Location: 1500 Armory Drive, Santa Rosa   
Hours: 6-9:30, three days a week

Coordinator contact information:

Misty Cloud (707) 331-0474, on site (1/2 time)
Kerani Marie Lomonaco (970) 946-6896, off site

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Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building- CLOSED

Closed:  Thank you for your assistance!

PLEASE NOTE: Vets Memorial Building is now open to people who can come in and be in the "flow" of need as it arises. We do not have a station and the room that was available may no longer be open. The situation there is in flux. Providers may not know you are there, feel free to walk around and let some of them know that you are there to offer some healing touch. We were invited by a medical contact Hrieth (pronounced "wreath") who asks you to text her to let her know you are there 707- 479-3947. She will help you find a place to set up. She would prefer someone to be there 4 hours or more at a time in order to get a sense of how to work. This is a different situation and requires practioners who don't miind going with the flow. This is support for the exhausted providers and staff.


Coordinator contact information:

Jul (707) 321-0644

Sonoma County Health Department- CLOSED

This site is Closed and no longer needing assistance

Location: 625 5th street, Santa Rosa

Coordinator Contact information

Laura O'Neal:

Needs: Certified Massage Therapists

These will be 15 minute session with 5 minute breaks plus a 15 minute break in the middle. I am looking for 3 therapists per day.

Hours: Thursday through Sunday from 2-6pm

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AMR Paramedics- CLOSED

Location: 930 South A Street, Santa Rosa

Contact: Willow Farey, Paramedic Supervisor 707-303-0163

Best times are between 4am-8am and 4pm- 8pm those are shift change hours.

2-3 licensed or certifed practitioners.

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Santa Rosa Health Crisis Center- CLOSED

Hours: Massage needed 2 a day for staff 9-5

Santa Rosa Community Clinics- OPEN

We have two community clinics in Roseland looking for licensed practitioners( CMT, Lac, DC ND, etc)  serving our clinic staff- mainly nurses.

We need a coordinator, please contact us if you are able to serve in this way!  Thank you!

Please bring your own supplies, tables, sheet, needles...

Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30

**Must send their availability and a picture of their licence/certificate to Rose!

Contact Rose DeNicola- or 510 842-5127 for more information